The Golfers Club – The Right Balance

Golf is all about balance, your balance. You need to get the right balance on your feet, in the movement of your body, in the swing of the golf clubs and so on.

However, balance goes further than just the body. You also need a balanced approach to the game with your mind in sync with your body.

The Golfers Club – Balance ImpactBalance A BALANCED APPROACH TO GOLF

You should only ever consider the stroke that you are playing and not let anything else impact on your balance.

When we get golf lessons we’re taught about the distribution of weight on our feet and the weight distribution when we swing the golf club to strike the ball.

Many techniques will seem foreign to the beginner golfer but it is all about training the player to find a natural balance in their game so the actions become effortless and consistent.

Our balance should flow through with the movement of the golf swing in one fluid action to the striking of the ball and even after the ball has been hit with a full balanced follow through.

This is a normal feeling that will become second nature with practice.

The Golfers Club – Balance Consistency

It is through finding a balance in your mind and body that you will start hitting consistently good golf shots. Without this it will be very difficult to find any real consistency in your game.

Once you get your upper body correctly positioned behind the ball, you will find that you naturally place more weight on your back foot. Try it the next time you have a practice swing.

Stand balanced on your feet with equal pressure on the front of the foot and the back. Position yourself behind the golf ball and gently swing through without making any effort to concentrate on the distribution of the weight on your feet.

In time you will find that this will come naturally with virtually no effort at all and that is precisely how you should feel when you are striking the golf ball.


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