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Golf training aids can be a great boost to a golfer and can even save you money. How you may ask? Well, if you enjoy playing golf then ideally you would have plenty of lessons to help improve your game. Unfortunately golf lessons can be an unaffordable expense for some people so golf training aids, which help to bring down the number of expensive training lessons you need, have taken the market by storm in recent years.

There are golf training aids for every part of the game with more and more being introduced every week. Unfortunately some aids are not as good as their makers would have us believe so it takes a savvy golfer to sieve through the dross and get to the gold nuggets.

The Golfers Club | Using Golf Training Aids

When using golf training aids it is important to remember that whilst some of them can be useful they are not a total replacement for golf lessons. If you are just learning the game you should have as many lessons as you can manage or afford to both ensure you improve your game and prevent you sliding into bad habits.

There are a lot of golf training aids to choose from so when making a choice you need to ask yourself what it is you actually want to get out of it. For instance, do you want to improve your swing or your putting skills?  Each one requires a different set of skills.

So let’s have a look at some of the golf training aids out there.

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Putting Training Aids

The main aim of the game of golf is to get the golf ball in the hole. If your putting skills are not up to scratch you will waste numerous strokes on the green. Putting is therefore a skill that most golfers choose to practice constantly. There are a number of guides and devices you can invest in to help you improve your putting skills.

Best Golf Swing Solutions

A golfer depends on his swing to get the ball as far as he possibly can on the golf course so golf training aids to improve your swing are very useful. There are several full swing training aids on the market to help golfers improve their swing.

Correct Golf Grip

A good grip on your golf club is important as it assists you in keeping control of your golf club whilst using it when golfing. Golf training aids to improve your grip can be very useful.  Look for something that will assist in strengthening your wrists and hands as well as giving you a better grip.

Golf Fitness Aids

Believe it or not you need to be at least moderately fit to play golf as you can end up walking miles during a game even if it is at a leisurely pace! There are specific golf training aids for fitness on the market such as the Golf Gym that will help you to improve your fitness level for golf by targeting specific areas of your body to help you last the course…


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