The Golfers Club – Slice Shot

The most common problem golf beginners have playing the game must surely be the slice shot.

This is where the golf ball curves through the air from left to right, assuming the player is right-handed.

The flight of the golf ball is determined by the spin of the ball and a slice shot is caused by the ball spinning clockwise thus causing it to travel through the air in a clockwise arch direction.

The Golfers Club – Slice Shot RemedySlice Shot THE DREADED GOLF SLICE SHOT

The most common reason why this happens is due to the fact that golfers, in general, tend to lift their head when they strike the golf ball.

The action of lifting your head causes the face of the golf club to hit across the ball and not through it.

By hitting across the golf ball you are essentially hitting the ball from the outside in and it is this action that causes the ball to spin in a clockwise direction.

If you happen to be one of those unfortunate enough to slice the ball try to keep your head down and still until after you have hit the ball.

By keeping your head down, and your eyes focused on the ball to the point of contact you will play through the ball and your swing will remain straight, resulting in the ball following a straight path.

Just remember to keep your head down until after the golf ball has taken flight keeping your head and shoulders solid.

The Golfers Club – Slice Shot Rule

Another reason for producing a slice shot is by trying to hit the ball too hard.

When you try to hit the ball ‘hard’ you could be using your arms to pull the club in and this will also cause the golf ball to spin.

If you hit your shot for less distance you can then concentrate on getting the correct golf swing and play for accuracy rather than length. Try reducing your golf swing with these smaller shots to see if this helps to correct the problem.

When you start to hit the golf ball straighter you can then begin to increase the length of your back swing and go for more distance.

Concentrate on your accuracy first and the distance will follow – a good rule to always play by if you want to permanently get rid of that dreaded slice shot.


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