Winter Golf | Can You Motivate Yourself?

Learning to play golf can be a rather challenging process, particularly if it is winter golf. If you happen to live somewhere where it gets rather cold you could be looking at some vast challenges in terms of practicing golf when the weather turns icy cold. However, if you work on building a game plan before the weather turns cold you could still be able to practice your golf skills no matter what time of year it is. This would enable you to work continuously on improving your golf game all year round, rather than only when the weather is suitably warm. Your other alternative to winter golf would be to relocate or take annual leave in an area each winter that is not only warm, but has a number of great golf courses as well.

Of course, the idea of playing winter golf may be quite motivational, but at times the course can be just too cold to play. This combined with the potential for icy dew on the grass, not to mention frozen water hazards, can make playing in the winter almost impossible. If you have a strong desire to continue playing winter golf your best option will be looking for an indoor golf course where you can play, or even an indoor driving range so you can continue to practice your golf swing during the cold winter months.

Winter Golf | You Can Still Practice Your Golf SwingWinter Golf THE GOLFERS CLUB | WINTER GOLF TIPS

Whatever your situation you should still try to practice your golf swing no matter how cold the weather is. Otherwise, your first few games back on the golf course when the weather warms up is likely to be below par! A good winter golf exercise program should ensure that you work out constantly. However, just as during the time when you can actually play golf, you need to make certain that you are building lean muscle. Never work to build bulky muscle even during the off season for golf. While waiting until the weather warms up to play golf may seem like torture, it is a good idea to avoid playing when it is really cold outside.

Winter Golf | Warm Up And Prevent Injury

In terms of your health playing winter golf when in the cold weather is bad because you are putting your body through intense amounts of stress just trying to keep warm, as well as focusing on the game itself. This can dramatically increase the risk of getting hurt and even increase the chances of a pulled muscle due to the fact that muscles need to be properly warmed up during the colder months. Any injury regardless of the time of year is bad enough, but during times of the year where the weather is especially cold you are going to be much more susceptible to injury. This is a major factor associated with winter golf.

Always make sure that you are spending a fair amount of time inside rather than outside when it is particularly cold. Playing a few short rounds of winter golf is not worth getting hurt. Always ensure that during the cold months, you either stop playing outside or you wait to play outside when you go visit a much warmer location. Nobody ever wants to get injured so just keep in mind your overall safety when you are trying to play winter golf.


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