The Short Game

Your Short Game Is So Important

Playing a good round of golf is about weighing up your options. This is certainly true for the majority of the shots that you will have to play but none more so than for your short game.

Did those three words just send a shiver down your spine? Hold tight I’m going to say them again, your short game. This is the prime area where many people become unstuck on the golf course.

Short Game Rules

Don’t panic, there are few straightforward rules that will help you to decide what clubs to use and you will be pleased to learn that these rules are based on the principal of least risk.

Rule number one, if the golf ball will roll, always use your putter. This rule applies even if you are only marginally off the green and assuming the chances of the ball bouncing are virtually nil then yes it is wise to use your putter.

However, if there is a likelihood of the golf ball bouncing using your putter then opt for a more conventional chip and run shot.

Opting for a chip and run will get the ball in the air just long enough to clear the uneven ground and onto the green, running along the flat surface towards the hole. The Short Game

It is worth pointing out that the direction of the golf ball is so much easier to control if it is running along smooth ground.

Today’s third and final rule comes into play when the two previous rules are just not practical. No surprise here, just get your pitching or lob wedge out of your bag.

Unless you are a truly experienced golfer a wedge will offer you less control and provide more room for error. There are many factors that can determine the outcome of a wedge shot such as the lie of the golf ball.

A Good Short Game Will Lower Your Handicap

Therefore, when practicing you should devote sufficient time to perfecting your chip and run technique as it can be a savior if and when used effectively.

Here is a great exercise for your short game, grab a bucket of golf balls and just randomly scatter them around the outside of the green. Then, from a variety of distances, practice chipping them onto the green as close to the outside as possible but with enough momentum to reach the back of the hole.

Without doubt, the Short Game is the area of play that can make the biggest impact on lowering your handicap so it is well worth spending time perfecting it.


18 Responses to “The Short Game”

  1. ramon says:

    One of my scholars had an issue with his short game – in particular, his putting. He just needed to continue with his tuition and practice, practice and practice to sort his problem.

  2. Keep drumming till you notice a specific spot, generally straight in the middle of the club face, where you can't feel any vibration when tapped. This is your sweet spot.

  3. Troy Vayanos says:

    Nice post,

    I like to use a 8 or 9 iron depending on how much green I have to work with. This provides a little more roll and helps me get the ball to the ball a lot easier.


    • Brian says:

      Don’t know what happened yesterday! Played 18 holes with my friend and my short game all came together in one round. I won 16 of the holes and halved the other 2 – is he still speaking to me? Only just. I just wish my short game was a bit more consistant and I could repeat this feat on a more regular basis.

  4. Swing the golf club back and forwards in as straight a line as you can, and move it like a pendulum so whatever distance it travels back, it travels the same distance going thru.

  5. Rudy Romero says:

    Now, try practicing at home swinging thru your putt, and making contact with the ball on the sweet spot of your putter.

  6. This leads me to a quick story. Hold the putter out in front of you – where your extended arm is level with your shoulder – and tap a golf ball on the face of your putter. Once you've got this down, you're now more rigged to judge how strong a swing you want on each putt to putt like an expert.

  7. Elisha says:

    Golf short game instruction is for everyone – it’s the most vital part of learning the game.

  8. denaliguide2 says:

    That is getting up and back down at its best, even for a touring pro.

  9. This fusion of pushing the golf club in front of your body swiftly and decelerating the club head at the very same time leads to a bending wrist condition.

  10. Kadin says:

    Eventually, if you have utilized the already mentioned recommendations faithfully, you are probably going to succeed and may then find pleasure in the fruits connected with the success! Now pat yourself on the shoulder, be a little pleased with yourself. It was you that set out to attain your final goal and you who succeeded! Now pat yourself on the back and be happy!

  11. Karla says:

    The driving ranges are full of golfers attempting to perfect their golf swing, but look over at the putting and chipping greens, and it'll remind you about why average golfers are maintaining higher handicaps than they ought to be.

  12. Hayden says:

    Set a bullet point plan for bettering the short game.. Mix It Up.

    Variety is the spice of life.

  13. It’s why the planet's best players like Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia hang around with short game masters Dave Pelz and Stan Utley. For that, we want to be working on our pitching, chipping, and putting.

  14. gregchastain says:

    In an eighteen hole round of golf, over sixty percent of our strokes will be short game shots from within a hundred yards. Everyone wants to hit their $400 driver. Think about this story and the seriousness of the short game.

  15. Posh says:

    There's a difference between a dream and a goal. To reach your goal you have to practice improving your short game.

  16. Fiona says:

    Be pragmatic here, one stroke a week is a good goal that's challenging yet realistic. Why? because you will not improve unless you really practice your short game.

  17. prs474 says:

    Gon't simply show up and do whatever. Keep positive and concentrate.

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