Think You Can Play Golf?

Can You Play Golf?

Right from the outset, loads of people seem to think that they can just pick up a club and Play Golf well.

Oh boy are they wrong! Golf is such a high tech and complex game that it can, and most likely will, take years to master.

Having said that we still expect to be playing a whole lot better than we do and in as short a time as possible.

Our expectations are to play consistently well with as little practice as possible and in some cases no practice at all.

To Play Golf Requires Skill!

Golf requires a high level of skill and to produce a good round you also have to have a focused mind set in order to play golf consistently well over 18 holes.

As it says on the tin “Beginners Luck” is exactly that, luck.

Golf beginners who don’t put in the required time and effort to hone their skills by practicing and playing regularly are unlikely to reproduce their beginners luck and will soon be found wanting on the golf course.

We have all done it, taken shortcuts, but with hindsight we now know that this is a recipe for disaster. Taking this approach will result in numerous problems on the course, regularly missing the fairway, landing in bunkers or even in the water.., which leads to a very disheartened golfer.

There is absolutely no doubt that the better you perform on the golf course the more you will enjoy the game. The best way to make this happen is to apply yourself fully to learning and practicing in order to play golf well.

If money is an issue, don’t worry as there are loads of cheap or in some cases free resources available on the internet that offer golf instructions from some of the top pro golfers in the world.

If for any reason you are unable to get outdoors, to play golf or practice, there is a variety of golf aids available that will help you to improve your golf swing. You may even be surprised to find out how cheap some of these aids are when you check out the big online golf stores.

So remember if you want to play golf well, be prepared to learn, practice and don’t take shortcuts.


16 Responses to “Think You Can Play Golf?”

  1. mmcneely says:

    Low compression golfballs are soft feel golfballs that are around compression fifty to seventy, medium compression are eighty to ninety, and high compression golfing balls are hard feel golfballs that are around a hundred and above.

  2. tle_0 says:

    Thanks to mini golfing discounts, courses will be more genial to kids who are developing an interest for the game.

  3. Performer says:

    I like flexibility, as you can adapt your skills to suit any course.

  4. Semaj Best says:

    Standing over the ball for too long and thinking about if you are going to swing the club properly can simply result in a skewed shot, or totally missing the ball…

  5. Grayson says:

    There are lots of sites on the web which are supplying branded golf gear at reasonable prices.

  6. Tips to consider when looking for any golfing gear like golf bags, set of golf clubs, balls, and so on – personal recommendation is among the best means to discover the standard of any product available on the market.

  7. Antonio says:

    Have you ever heard of a jacket that restrains the golfer’s body from performing unwished-for moves?

  8. jojo_loishk says:

    The baseball grip is for a player that's looking to get thru the golf ball at impact much faster. If you've ever observed their swings they appear to barely hit the ball. Smooth & Relaxed Swing.

  9. Troy Vayanos says:

    Nice post,

    Definately lots of practice in particular to get the basics right. The stance, grip, posture and aim and alignment. At least if can get these things right you are most of way to making a decent golf swing.


  10. Deven says:

    Golfers have to spot their goal i.e. how they can get the ball into the hole by taking the least number of shots possible.

  11. Tobias says:

    Take your time and make certain that you select the right golf kit for you.

  12. This way, you would realize what bad moves you were doing. How it's possible for you to attain the correct backswing and downswing must also help to keep the game running.

    If you have got to get a new golf swing to help you to feel better, do it now, this might incentivize you.

  13. Aedan Harvey says:

    To actually master the moves and systems of golf, you want to see the aid of a pro. Regardless of whether you opt to stop seeing a golfing instructor, you can still be well placed to practice what your instructor taught you and learn from your own mistakes. Shortly enough, you'll be ready to make your own styles and methodologies and sharpen your game how you need to.

  14. Nigel Huber says:

    With any good golfing instruction DVD you might be able to follow and implement the lessons in your house.

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